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Assault (ASL) is a battle mode. The mode combines two of the existing modes: Capture The Flag and Control Points. In the battle list in the lobby, the mode's filter icon is marked with a sword.


The game is played with two teams- team red and team blue. There is one control point, at the blue team's base, and one red flag, at the red team's base. The point is permanently captured by the blue team, and they will receive a point every 10 seconds. The flags can only be taken by the red team; their goal is to take the flags to the control point- in order to capture it- which will reward them with 10 points. The blue team's goal is to prevent the red team from capturing flags (the flag can be returned by the blue team). The game ends when one of the team reaches a certain number of points (100, 200 or 400 for battles lasting 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, respectively), or when the time runs out.


Assault was released on December 25, 2015, for the annual Holiday celebrations, and announced 2 days earlier, on December 23.[1]


  • Since there is only one flag, and each action regarding the flag can be performed only by one of the teams (e.g. taking = red, dropping = red, returning = blue), the messages when performing the action do not specify the team that perfomed the action, as opposed to CTF mode.
  • Capturing the flag in Assault mode does not count towards the progress of the "Capture flags" daily mission.
  • It is the only game mode where one team must defend the base unlike CTF which allows both teams to attack the enemy base.
  • This game mode has 3 flags making it easier for the attack team to punch in a couple points.

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